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Is Lumpia Shanghai Gluten Free?

In America, we refer to cylindrical Asian-American foods as “spring rolls,” more like how we use the term sandwich for anything between two slices of bread. There are numerous Asian egg rolls, like Vietnamese egg rolls, each heavily influenced by regional styles of preparation and ingredients.

Shanghai lumpia is one of those appetizers that can be served on any occasion, but while lumpia and its wrappers are gluten-free, is Shanghai lumpia gluten free? Here is everything you need to know about the additive egg rolls.

What Is Lumpia Shanghai?

Lumpia Shanghai is one of the most basic lumpia types you’ll find. It is made with ground pork and carrots and wrapped in an egg crepe before being deep-fried and served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce. It is notably thinner and smaller than most other lumpia types.

While its name may suggest it hails from Shanghai, China, it doesn’t. It is a Filipino cuisine named after the Chinese spring roll because of similarities in appearance.

Many years ago, its wrappers were made of corn flour masa, but ever since it was introduced in the Philippines by the Chinese immigrants, rice flour was used instead for the lumpia wrapper.

What Are The Ingredients Of Lumpia Shanghai?

Ingredient Description
Lumpia wrappers Thin sheets of dough are made from egg whites or rice flour and water.
Ground pork Finely ground pork is commonly used as the main filling.
Minced garlic Adds flavor to the filling.
Minced onions Provides flavor and texture.
Carrots (julienned) Adds sweetness and color.
Green onions (chopped) Adds freshness and a mild onion flavor.
Soy sauce Adds saltiness and umami to the filling.
Fish sauce Contributes a savory and salty taste.
Salt and pepper Seasonings to enhance flavor.
Egg (beaten) Used as a binding agent for the filling.

Is Lumpia Shanghai Healthy?

Lumpia Shanghai is less healthy when compared to fresh lumpia. It contains lots of sodium as a result of the added salt in the soy sauce. Also, the calories and fat content increase once you deep-fry these rolls.

However, it is a good source of dietary fiber, and the veggies supply minerals and vitamins that can aid proper bodily function. Also, you get proteins from the beef, chicken, or tofu used.

Portion control and recipe modification can make these rolls healthier. If you’re going to be using soy sauce, there is no need to add much salt to the fillings.

Is Lumpia Shanghai Gluten Free?

Traditional Lumpia Shanghai is gluten-free. Its wrappers are either made with corn flour masa, egg white, or rice flour, and its fillings are made with vegetables, spices, and proteins like beef, pork, or chicken, which are all gluten-free.

However, there is a threat of gluten in the soy sauce. In some recipes, the fillings are marinated with soy sauce, and in some cases, the dipping sauce consists of soy sauce, which may not be gluten-free.

If you’re going to eat some lumpia Shanghai while you dine out, be sure to make your dietary needs known, so gluten-free sauces, separate utensils, and frying oil can be used for your lumpia appetizer.

What Is The Best Brand Wrapper For Lumpia Shanghai?

There are many available wrappers out there for making Shanghai lumpia, and to be honest with you, gluten-containing wrappers are usually the best for their durability and elasticity, but that doesn’t mean some wrappers can’t do the same task effectively. Here are my go-to gluten-free wrappers for Lumpia Shanghai:

Star Anise Spring Roll Rice Wrapper

Star Anise has helped the gluten-free community a lot, making numerous products free from gluten. I have found their spring roll rice wrapper to be a great choice for making Shanghai lumpia. They may not be the most durable out there on the market, but they work just fine.

Three Ladies Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers

This wrapper tastes even more delicious with Hopsin sauce, and it holds the fillings just fine. Has more calorie content than the other option I am listing here. I have used it a lot of times, and I have yet to find an outstanding fault. I may have gotten a stale package before, but I’ll blame that on delivery.

Egglife Original Style Egg White Wraps

Egglife takes it to another level with these dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and even keto and paleo-friendly egg wraps. The wrapper blends in with any health condition or lifestyle. It is made from egg whites, nisin, natural flavor, salt, and xanthan gum. However, the only downside here is that they go out of stock most of the time when you need them. Besides that, these wrappers are great for lumpia Shanghai.

What Is The Difference Between Lumpia And Lumpia Shanghai?

The major difference between lumpia Shanghai and other lumpia is the choice of filling and protein, as well as the size. Shanghai lumpia is smaller and thinner, while other egg rolls are fatter.


Lumpia Shanghai is one of the egg rolls you’ll try and get addicted to, and it’s gluten-free. However, when you buy in restaurants, there is a high chance of cross-contamination. Always make your dietary needs known to ensure safety measures are taken.

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