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Are Pancit Noodles Gluten Free? ( Canton, Melabon, Bihon)

You can’t be a fan of Filipino cuisine without being familiar with pancit noodles, as they are the heart and soul of numerous Filipino dishes. They are available in numerous sizes, shapes, and textures, with each providing a unique character to any culinary masterpiece.

In this culinary expedition, we have explored various popular pancit noodles and their gluten status. We also provided you with brands where we source our rice-based gluten-free pancit noodles. Enjoy!

What Are Pancit Noodles?

Pancit noodles are a fundamental ingredient in Filipino pancit cuisine. “Pancit” is a Filipino term for noodles. Throughout the Philippines, you will find over 10–20 variations of pancit dishes, with each needing a different type of noodles.

These pancit noodles could be derived from rice, wheat, or corn flour, and they have differing sizes and shapes. Irrespective of the noodles used or the specific recipe, pancit is always delicious and embodies the Philippine culinary tradition in all its glory.

Are pancit noodles healthy?

While eating is essential to our existence, it could also lead to an early demise if the wrong foods are consumed. Just like me, many other people have become careful about what goes into their mouths as they have come to realize that beauty, strength, depression, clear skin, and so much more can be influenced by what we eat.

The pancit is healthy, has high fiber and low fat, and is packed with lots of nutrients. The pancit consists of proteins and vegetables, which tips it off as an all-round meal. Pancit also has little calorie content; carb and sugar content could also be low, depending on the noodles used.

Pancit, no doubt, provides lots of nutrients, but it could also lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. You are also at risk of an increase in your cholesterol levels when you consume Panic since it is made with ingredients with high cholesterol, such as eggs and oil. Pancit could also fatten you over time, so you’ll like to watch the amount you consume if you’re watching your weight.

Are Pancit Noodles Gluten Free?

Some Pancit noodles are gluten-free, like those made purely from rice or eggs, while others are not gluten-free as they are made from wheat flour. You can find certified gluten-free pancit noodles in stores. These products meet the FDA standard of below 20 parts per million of gluten.

Gluten is a protein responsible for the texture and elasticity of most Pancit traditional noodle recipes such as Pancit Canton and Pancit Luglug, which may use thick rice noodles that have wheat as part of their ingredients. Whenever you eat out or purchase ingredients to make your recipe, always make it a habit to inquire about the type of noodles used and their ingredients.

What Noodles Are Used for Pancit?

  • Pancit Bihon
  • Pancit Canton
  • Pancit Melabon
  • Pancit Miki
  • Pancit Sotanghon
  • Pancit Habhab
  • Pancit Tuguegarao
  • Pancit Batil Patong
  • Pancit Lucban

Are Canton Noodles gluten-free?

No, canton noodles are not gluten-free as they are a derivative of egg and wheat flour. If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, you may want to avoid pancit canton, as it may not be suitable for your gluten-restricted diet.

However, you can still enjoy your Pancit Canton, but you will have to substitute the canton noodles with gluten-free alternatives such as rice noodles or noodles derived from gluten-free flour.

What Are Pancit Canton Noodles Made Of?

Here is a table outlining what Pancit Canton noodles are typically made of and their gluten status:

Ingredient Gluten Status
Wheat Flour Contains Gluten
Eggs Naturally Gluten-free
Water Gluten-Free
Salt Gluten-Free
Vegetable Oil Gluten-Free
Food coloring (if used) depends on the source.

Are Bihon Noodles Gluten Free?

Bihon noodles are primarily derived from vermicelli or rice flour, but some variations include additional starches such as cornstarch or tapioca starch, which are all naturally gluten-free. However, always endeavor to check the label to ensure that wheat or its derivatives are not used.

The inclusion of rice as a basic ingredient in Bihon noodles is essential because of its propensity to absorb the flavors of the ingredients and sauces they are cooked with. Also, it gives the noodles a unique texture. Bihon noodles are versatile and an essential constituent of lots of Asian dishes.

What are Bihon noodles made of?

Below is a table listing common ingredients used in Pancit Bihon noodles and their gluten status:

Ingredient Gluten Status
Rice Flour Gluten-Free
Water Gluten-Free
Salt Gluten-Free
Cornstarch (if used) Gluten-Free
Tapioca starch (if used) Gluten-Free
Food coloring (if used) It depends on the source

Are Malabon Noodles Gluten Free?

Melabon noodles are gluten-free, making them a great choice for you if you have gluten sensitivity of any type but want to enjoy the Melabon Pancit. However, due diligence should be carried out on the product label to determine if wheat is used in any way.

The thick rice noodles used in Melabon Pancit have a chewy texture, and they also have a mild flavor, making you experience the flavorful Melabon Pancit in all its glory.

What Are the Best Gluten-Free Pancit Noodle Brands?

Numerous brands offer Pancit noodles that are gluten-free, making it safe for you to enjoy Pancit despite being gluten-sensitive. Here are the ones I have vetted and used without issues:

  1. King Soba: King Soba uses organic qualitywhole grainss in their products and has great varieties to choose from, including brown rice noodles, rice noodles, and many more.
  2. Lotus Foods: Here is another great brand that I depend on to get gluten-free noodles and rice ramen. They specialize in organic rice-based noodles that are gluten-free and are just perfect for your pancit delicacies.
  3. Tinkyada: If you are looking for a rice noodles brand that tastes just like traditional wheat-based noodles, Tinkyada is your best bet. I have used it so many times for my Pancit Canton, and you could never tell the difference.
  4. Thai Kitchen: Thai Kitchen is popular amongst gluten-free prioritized chefs who are into Asian cuisines as it is gluten-free. The noodles are just as thick, provide that chewy texture, and could be used for any type of pancit.

Can I use Palabok Noodles for Pancit?

The choice of noodles for pancit is quite flexible and often depends on personal preference. Palabok noodles are thin rice noodles and can be used in various pancit dishes, including Pancit Melabon, Canton, Luglug, etc.

Final Thoughts

Some pancit noodles are gluten-free, while the rest are not. The gluten status of any pancit noodles depends on whether wheat or its derivatives were used in making the noodles.

Being celiac or gluten-sensitive doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy certain dishes like pancit; you can make use of alternative noodles that are gluten-free and provide just the same taste and feel. Did you enjoy our post? Let us know!

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