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Is Broasted Chicken Gluten Free?

Most chicken dishes, such as chicken shawarma, KFC signature chicken, and general tso chicken, are not gluten-free, and navigating the pool of chicken dishes available on menus without coming across gluten can be a daunting task.

Broasted chicken has become popular amongst people who love fried chicken but hate to deal with that much oil that gets absorbed by the chicken when it is traditionally deep-fried. The process of preparing this chicken makes it healthier, and more delicious, but is it safe for gluten-sensitive individuals?

Here is everything you need to know about roasted chicken’s gluten-free status.

The broasting cooking method simplified

Broasting is a unique cooking method that combines traditional shallow frying and pressure frying to derive chunks of juicy fried chicken with a crispy exterior. This process is done by first marinating the chicken in seasonings and spices before it is placed in a hot, oil-contained, sealed pressure cooker.

This enclosed cooking environment lets the heat quickly cook the chicken without losing flavor or moisture. Once the meat is cooked, it is removed from the pressure cooker and shallow-fried to form a crispy golden brown chicken.

When compared to other methods of preparing chicken, like jerk chicken, fried chicken, and roasted chicken, broasted chicken tends to be more flavorful and juicy as the pressure cooking process helps retain all that juice.

Usually, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, jiffy cornbread, and green beans are great sides if you intend to enjoy this delicious chicken to its fullest.

Is broasted chicken gluten free?

Unfortunately, broasted chicken is not gluten-free. It is prepared by marinating chicken in spices and then coating the chicken in a seasoned flour mix (which is typically made with wheat flour) before being pressure cooked in oil and shallow-fried, making them not gluten-free or safe for individuals with celiac disease or nonceliac gluten sensitivity.

Beyond the possible flour coating, accompanying sauces or sides should be checked to make sure they are free from gluten. Typical sides, such as potato wedges, are usually gluten-free. When I dine out, I either go to chains with gluten-free menus or make early reservations to ensure I get some gluten-free broasted chicken.

Alternatively, make some at home. Although we cannot legally say we are making broasted chicken at home since the term “broasted” has been trademarked, we could create something similar or even better with our pressure cooker at home. I have used this method lots of times, and all you have to do is replace the wheat flour with cornstarch or any gluten-free flour of your choice and you get a tasty reward.

Ingredients in broasted chicken and their gluten status

Ingredient Use Gluten Status
Chicken Main protein source Gluten-free
Flour Coating for chicken Contains gluten
Salt Seasoning Gluten-free
Pepper Seasoning Gluten-free
Garlic Powder Seasoning Gluten-free
Onion Powder Seasoning Gluten-free
Paprika Seasoning and color Gluten-free
Baking Powder Leavening agent for breading May contain gluten (check label)
Vegetable Oil Frying Gluten-free
Eggs Binding agent for breading Gluten-free
Buttermilk Marinade for chicken Contains gluten (unless specified gluten-free)
Milk Marinade for chicken Gluten-free
Cornstarch Alternative coating for chicken Gluten-free
Herbs and Spices Seasoning Gluten-free

Is broasted chicken healthy?

While regular fried chicken and broasted chicken make use of oil, broasted chicken is healthier when compared to fried chicken, as the pressure cooking process helps the chicken retain more moisture while preventing the chicken from absorbing much oil.

However, broasted chicken is a high-calorie food that could easily mess with your waistline if you don’t watch the portion you consume, according to Dr. Jane Smith, a nutritionist. Brosated chicken can also be high in trans fat for those who use hydrogenated oil, and it also has a relatively high amount of sodium due to the spices and salt used in marinating it.

Broasted chicken, in moderation, could be a part of a healthy diet when accompanied by healthy sides in the right proportion. However, methods such as grilling and baking are usually the best, as they require a lesser amount of oil.

Does Broasted Chicken Contain Gluten? Final Thoughts

The best way to enjoy gluten-free broasted chicken is to go to restaurants with gluten-free menus or make them yourself at home. Broasted chicken typically contains gluten and would not be a great treat if you have gluten sensitivity, as it could trigger symptoms and discomfort since it is usually coated in wheat flour.

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