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Is Chicken Francese Gluten Free?

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Chicken is the second most consumed animal protein annually, and it is also known for its versatility. There are over a thousand ways to prepare chicken, with each method adapting to the ingredients and values of each region.

One of the most loved chicken dishes is chicken piccata and Chicken Francese. These two dishes have notable similarities but are different as a result of their preparation methods. While chicken piccata is not gluten-free, is Chicken Francese gluten-free?

We all know the discomfort that could be faced when we consume gluten-containing foods as individuals with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, from bloating, constipation, brain fog, diarrhea, and more. which is why we have carefully investigated Chicken Francese, and here is what we found.

What is Chicken Francese?

Chicken Francese, also known as Chicken French and sometimes referred to as Chicken Rochester because of its popularity in the region, is an Italian-American dish made with sauteed chicken cutlets dredged in flour, dipped in eggs, and finished off with white wine and lemon butter sauce.

The exact origin of this dish is unknown, as it was claimed by John Mitzewich, an American chef, to be brought into the United States by first-generation Italian immigrants, but this claim was refuted by a Rochester newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, as they said the dish was invented recently after World War II.

Whichever way, Chicken Francese has captivated its lovers with its ever-indulgent taste and has a common variation where chicken is substituted for artichoke hearts.

What Does Chicken Francese Taste Like?

Chicken Francese has a light and crispy texture, all thanks to dipping it in egg wash. It has a buttery, lemony taste. However, because of the capers used, it has a strong tart taste. Also, the sauce doesn’t taste winey, as most recipes cook out the alcohol to achieve a thicker consistency.

Chicken Fancese Ingredients

Ingredient Contribution to Chicken Francese
Chicken breast The primary protein source provides the main texture of the dish.
Eggs Used for dredging the chicken, contributing to a crispy coating.
All-purpose flour Coats the chicken, helping to create a crispy and golden crust.
Lemon juice Adds acidity and brightness to the sauce, enhancing flavor.
Chicken broth Forms the base of the sauce, providing depth and savory notes.
White wine Adds complexity to the sauce with its acidity and flavor profile.
Butter Contributes richness to the sauce, creating a velvety texture.
Olive oil Used for cooking the chicken and contributes to the sauce’s flavor.
Parsley Garnish that adds freshness and a burst of herbal flavor.
Salt and pepper Seasonings that enhance and balance the overall taste of the dish.
Garlic It infuses the sauce with a savory and aromatic element.

Is Chicken Francese Gluten Free?

Traditional Chicken Francese is not gluten-free as it is coated in all-purpose flour before being fried. This wheat-based flour creates that endearing crispy texture but is not safe for individuals with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

However, you can still enjoy the gluten-free version of this meal. Most gluten-free flours, including rice flour and corn flour, don’t have a similar taste to wheat flour, and the difference may be noticeable. However, you can request that sorghum flour be used instead of other gluten-free flours. Sorghum has the closest taste to wheat-based flour, and you will seldom notice the difference.

When you dine out, besides the flour, which contains gluten, cross-contamination could also occur in the kitchen. It is best to visit outlets that are gluten-aware and offer gluten-free menus, where you can communicate your dietary needs to the server, and they will ensure to carefully prepare your meal.

Is Chicken Francese Healthy?

When compared to chicken piccata (126.2), Chicken Francese has a higher calorie (177.7), fat, and carb count per 100 g serving. Most of this calorie comes from the chicken, and the rest comes from the butter and oil used in frying this dish. It, however, has a lower sodium and cholesterol content.

Just like other fried chicken dishes like sesame chicken, Chicken Francese can be a part of a healthy, balanced diet, and with a proper portion control policy, you could enjoy this meal from time to time.

What To Serve With Chicken Francese

To elevate your dinner, these amazing sides perfectly complement the tart taste of Chicken Francese:

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice cannot only be used for the horchata, but it also pairs well with Chicken Francese. Its fluffy texture absorbs the lemony sauce, while its mild flavor aids in a harmonious balance of flavors. Jasmine rice is guaranteed to elevate your meal.

Mashed Potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes pair well with Chicken Francese. The tender chicken is complimented by the buttery smooth texture of the potatoes, while the garlic infuses its subtle flavor, which adds depth to the meal.

Gluten-Free Pasta

Gluten-free pasta made from corn, rice, or quinoa usually offers a similar texture and taste to regular pasta. It is a great option and would not trigger any gluten symptoms.

Lebanese vermicelli noodles

The Lebanese vermicelli noodles consist of long-grain rice like jasmine mixed and cooked with vermicelli noodles toasted with butter to achieve an irresistible indulgent nutty side. It pairs perfectly with the chicken Francese.

Final Thoughts

While Frances is not gluten-free, you could still alternate the gluten-containing flour with rice flour, corn flour, and sorghum flour, which will still create that crispy texture without putting you at risk.


Can I Make Chicken Francese Ahead Of Time?

While you could make and chill the lemon sauce ahead of time, pre-dipping the chicken breasts in egg and batter will be a very bad idea, as the chicken would be chalky, dry, and sometimes gummy. It is best to make it whenever you feel like eating it.

Is Chicken Francese Keto?

Traditional Chicken Francese is not keto-friendly since it is breaded. To achieve a keto version of this chicken dish, you will need to make modifications to the recipe.

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