Managing a Busy Work Life and Personal Life Together

Is it really possible to have everything in life? Or are we just being greedy? There are only 24 hours in a day. Depending on your nocturnal habits, you could be awake for 16 to 18 of them. Once the alarm rings, you’ll be off to the races. The clock starts ticking; seconds fall off as you prepare yourself to face the challenges of the day.

Life should never be about work. You should work to live and not live to work. There are important aspects; family, friends and the self that are merely relegated and lumped sum as “others”. They’ve been swept aside because we’ve become consumed by the need to earn a paycheck.

But is it possible to achieve balance in life and work? Can you manage a busy work life and personal life together?

Time Management

When you have to divide your hours between work, family, friends and yourself, time management becomes a valuable skill. How you manage your hours in a day will determine whether you can achieve life-work balance.

Here are some effective time management tips to consider:

  • Plan out your schedule 1 week in advance; note down all events and activities for work, family and friends on a calendar.
  • Mark these events according to priority.
  • Confirm the event 1-2 days before the scheduled date.
  • Do not cram as many activities as you possibly can; allow room for adjustments.

Prioritizing activities could present challenges in itself. But the good thing is having everything posted on a calendar will guide you in case something unexpected comes up.

For example, you have committed to attend your son’s basketball game on Wednesday at 3:00pm. But an important client calls on Tuesday and requests for a meeting on the same day and time as your son’s game.

By knowing your commitments in advance, it will be easier to re-schedule appointments or meetings. You would not want to be in a position to choose between family and work. The choice may not always as clear-cut as it seems.

Setting Goals

One reason why so many people get caught up in work is because they do not know how to set goals.

Goal setting is a great way to stay focused. You have a target in sight and you can re-align your resources to help you accomplish that goal.

However, sometimes people tend to set too many goals in one day. He or she may accomplish one goal but as time runs down the mind starts flying toward the other goals that need to get done.

Here are important tips on setting goals:

  • Identify your main goal.
  • Break this down into 3 smaller goals that are easier to achieve and attain within a shorter time frame.
  • Use focus blocks; allocate 90 minutes per day per goal.

It’s very important that your goals are realistic and can be accomplished within reason. If your goals are not doable, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

By setting goals properly, you will be more productive at work. More work can be done in possibly less time and afford you extra hours for family, friends and yourself.

Getting Help

You should also acknowledge that you cannot do everything on your own. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers by nature. They want to be in control of every facet of work. Eventually, they are tied down by their own business and leave the important tasks unattended to.

A better option would be to hire a Virtual Assistant and delegate the non- essential tasks so you could dedicate more time on matters that demand your attention.

A VA could also afford you the time to attend more family reunions, take vacations and get-togethers with friends.

Paint the Town Red

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally cutting loose and enjoying down time with friends. Kicking back with a few cocktails and letting your hair down once in a while is a great way to unwind and de-stress.

Maintaining strong ties with friends is also important for a balanced life. These are people who see you in a different light from your family. They have been with you through thick and thin and have never left your side during the most difficult times.

When you find great friends, you should treat them like precious gem stones. In life, you will discover there are only a few that you can truly trust.

Set aside at least one day a month for a special night on the town with friends. Or better yet, have someone organize a special dinner at home or at a restaurant.

Lastly, let’s not forget you. Oftentimes, you become the biggest casualty of trying to have it all. You dedicate your life to work and family but have nothing left in the tank for you.

When you give a piece of yourself to everyone, what else will be left for you to cherish?

Sometimes you need to learn to love yourself and appreciate what you have done in your life. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish once in awhile and spend time with yourself.

Little things such as a private walk in the park, a cup of coffee in solitude or a quick nap can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.

Managing a busy work life and your personal life is a matter of understanding the concept of balance. It’s never about one thing but a culmination of everything that is important to you. Otherwise you will only exist and not live life to its fullest.