Learning From your Past Failures in Business or Your Personal Life

Past Failures

Everyone at some point in their life will experience failure. Your academic achievements will not protect you; neither your wealth nor your network. Failure is your companion from the time you wake up and make the first of many decisions for the day.

Every decision you make will take you to a crossroads where there will only be one of two possible outcomes: success or failure. It could be a series of decisions that will trigger the chain of events but ultimately there will only be one outcome.

The question for you is what would you do if the outcome of your decision ends in failure?

The Reality of Failure

We fail because we are not perfect; we are not infallible. Despite our ability to rationalize, we cannot possibly know what the right decision is all the time.

We fail because we are creatures of emotion. According to Nobel Prize winning Psychologist and author of “Thinking Fast and Slow” Daniel Kahneman, the mind works two systems: the intuitive and the rational.

The intuitive makes the primary decision which is based purely on emotion and human connectivity. Once the decision has been made will the rational mind take over and question the intuition behind it.

This is why even though we pride ourselves as having the ability to rationalize, we still choose the wrong decisions even though we are aware of the possible outcomes.

Put simply, we fail because we are flawed beings. Not only are we incapable of identifying the correct decision all the time, but we often give in to our emotions and weaknesses.

Failures in Business and in Personal Life

Statistically, only 50% of small businesses are still operational after 5 years. In 10 years time, only 10% to 20% of these businesses will remain. There are many reasons why businesses fail:

  • Lack of management skill
  • Absence of money management protocols
  • Overexpansion
  • Rigid, inflexible business policies
  • Unproductive work culture

The truth is, even the businesses that remained operational after 10 years experienced one or a few of these factors. But why did they thrive while others folded up?

The answer lies in how failure is perceived.

The businesses that succeeded learned from their mistakes. Failure showed them their weak points and the experience helped them find ways to become better.

Sir Richard Branson famously said he has failed more times than he succeeded. One of those failures came with the launch of the ill-fated Virgin Cola. It was a poorly thought-out, poorly executed attempt to slay the giant of the soft drink market, Coca Cola.

In the end, Branson realized you should never come in unprepared to fight a proven brand like Coca Cola. If you come into a gun fight with knives, you will be slaughtered.

The experience made Branson value the importance of strategy, purpose and target marketing.

But it did not discourage him from pursuing other endeavors such as Virgin Airlines and his newest and possibly most ambitious project yet, Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline!

In some cases, failure was just a difference in perspective.

  • Howard Schultz was declined by 247 banks before finally getting approved to launch “Starbucks”.
  • JK Rowling was turned down by several publishers before finding one that saw the potential for her “Harry Potter” series of books.
  • Roy Disney’s idea for Snow White was rejected even by those close to him; his wife and his brother. Yet he persisted and was awarded an Honorary Academy Award in 1939.

The takeaway is that how you succeed from failure is also contingent on your willingness to accept full accountability.

The role of accountability is very evident in your personal life.

Marriage is one of life’s greatest milestones. The ceremony, the tears and the totality of the experience make us believe marriages last forever. But statistics prove otherwise.

There are couples that divorce faster than the length of the entire courtship. What seemed like a magical moment has become a time of regret and despair. Lives are destroyed, relationships are shattered and trust is gone forever.

Sometimes all it takes is one ill-advised decision.

A seemingly harmless night out on the town with friends; your better half is well aware. After all, you do this once a month.

Then a discovery.

A jar of genital wart cream – HPV treatment for men & women; discreetly hidden within the tight compartments of your drawer.

Then the flood of questions comes in: the lack of intimacy, detached behavior and long, uncomfortable moments of silence. It’s all becoming clearer. Soon a confrontation ensues. A union is on the balance. What do you do?

How long can you hide the truth? Why not weather the storm now and save face while you can? It will only get worse if the truth is uncovered.

In the end, if both believe marriage truly is “until death do us part” then maybe love will prevail.

Here is the undeniable truth about failure:

Failure is your greatest teacher. It reveals your faults and makes you accountable for every decision you make.

Those who shun or fear failure, will be doomed to suffer a worse fate. They will not do anything in their lives because they are afraid of being stigmatized as a failure. Thus, they will end up in the same place while the rest of the world moves forward without them.

The purpose of failure is to make you a better person. Therefore, you should not fear it.

Instead you should embrace it.

How To Achieve Your Dream Body In 2017

We all crave to have a body of our dreams one day or the other. A well-built and chiseled body is the dream and desire that we all have. It might mean a fit and slim body with the lowest body fat percent for you, while for others having a dream body could mean a big and strong bulky body. No matter what, achieving the ideal body shape is a task that is both hard and time-consuming.

Undoubtedly, we all spend a lot of time and effort trying to make our face appear beautiful and spotless with things like waterproof foundation and the likes but fail to provide the same amount of care and dedication to our body and muscles. But not anymore! Let’s have a quick look at a few ways through which you can achieve the body of your dreams.

  • Watch your diet

We all know the important aspects of being healthy and keeping it. Achieving your dream body is a complex and unstable process that changes from one person to another. One method that might work for one individual might not show any positive result in the others. But basically, keeping a fit and perfect physique includes working out and diet.

  • Track your calories

It is simple. If you want to lose weight, you should consume fewer calories than your body utilizes. If your aim is to improve and increase your size and weight, then you have to consume more calories that what you spend your body every day. The number of calories that you require is directly dependant on your size and weight. It is also important to eat a healthy and balanced meal every day.

Your meal should be able to provide your body with all the nutrients and energy that it needs to survive and grow. It is important to intake a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in the form of green vegetables and fruits. Reduce processed and unhealthy food to make sure that your body stays free of all diseases

The workout is another important factor which can help you in maintaining and improving your body. Workout or exercise makes sure our body gets the activity it needs and helps improve the strength and stamina. The workout can either be weight training or cardio depending on your requirements. If your aim is to lose weight and slim down, cardio is more suited for you.

If you are aimed at improving strength and muscle mass, then weight training is the best option. But this doesn’t mean that you should only do either of them. Doing both cardio and weight training is extremely beneficial as it pushes the body beyond the limits that it was mean to be.

Wrapping Up

We all have our own idea of a sexy and attractive physical body. Even though it might change from one person to another, the fact remains that getting the body of your dreams demand a subsequent amount of efforts from your side

Learning To Live In Your Skin:

Being Comfortable Not Wearing Makeup In Public

Being Comfortable Not Wearing Makeup In Public

We give a lot of importance to how we look and what others think about us. It has become so important that we do not go anywhere without completely hiding our true face under a layer of makeup and other products. There are various different kinds of products and creams available in the markets that promise varying benefits and results. It can range from brightening the skin’s complexion and helping the skin retain moisture, remove acne and scars and help you fight against aging. There are many different varieties of products from serums and lotions to the best eyeliners for waterline, which can make us appear more beautiful and attractive than we really are.

Makeup is not the last resort

It is true that makeup and other beauty products have helped a lot of people in boosting their confidence and appear attractive and young, but like all things, an over-dependence on makeup has had many negative effects, especially in the modern age. The standard of beauty has been greatly raised and people are trying more and more complex and unsafe methods to attain this standard. The increase in the number of body modification surgeries and other such programs is a definite proof of this fact. People are spending more time and money than ever to look young and spotless and are also looking for more and more new ways of keeping the body youthful and attractive. It has helped cosmetic companies amass a large amount of money and power in the world, which they further utilize to improve their business.

Accept you the way you’re

But it seems that all hope is not lost. More and more people are beginning to understand the reality of beauty and are becoming more comfortable at public places without wearing any makeup. Makeup should only be used when it is necessary, like events and functions. The power raw beauty is making a slow but strong comeback and it requires the help of young and modern thinking minds like ours. Once you have gone a week without using makeup, applying makeup can start to feel foreign and awkward to the skin. You can use just a few dabs of concealer on your face instead of covering your face using a ton of foundation. Similarly, you can apply a bit of mascara around your eyes that trying to give it a full smokey eye appearance. Makeup should be used to highlight our beauty and not to lie about it.

There are many benefits of wearing makeup. First and foremost, it can help save a ton of time. Most of us spend a large portion of our time looking in the mirror and applying makeup. Reducing the amount of makeup can help you save time in this busy and hectic life. Many makeup products are also harmful to the skin. They might contain chemicals and artificial substances in them that might cause side effects and other problems to the skin. They also block the pores of the skin and prevent it from breathing properly.   Some of these products can even leave your skin dry and rough.

You have to understand the fact that even though the outside appearance might seem to matter, it is actually what is inside us that makes is beautiful or attractive. Like we have said before, learn to use makeup to a minimum, only to supplement and highlight your features, and not to hide your real and natural beauty.